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Erbium-doped Gold Sensor Films for Magnetic Microcalorimeter X-ray Detectors*



Barry L. Zink, Kent D. Irwin, Gene C. Hilton, Joel Ullom, David P. Pappas


We briefly review the principles of a magnetic microcalorimeter x-ray detector and the requirements for fabricating an array of these sensors, which include a paramagnetic sensor fabricated with thin-film techniques. We discuss two methods for depositing an Er-doped Au sensor film and present magnetization measurements from 4-300 K in 5 T and near the detector''s operating temperature and field. The deposited sensor films studied to date deviate from expected values in bulk materials.
Journal of Applied Physics


calorimeter, paramagnetism, rare earth, x-ray spectroscopy


Zink, B. , Irwin, K. , Hilton, G. , Ullom, J. and Pappas, D. (2006), Erbium-doped Gold Sensor Films for Magnetic Microcalorimeter X-ray Detectors*, Journal of Applied Physics (Accessed November 28, 2023)
Created April 16, 2006, Updated October 12, 2021