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Enumeration of the Hydrogen-Enhanced Localized Plasticity Mechanism for Hydrogen Embrittlement in Structural Materials



May L. Martin, Mohsen Dadfarnia, Akihide Nagao, Shuai Wang, Petros Sofornis


This paper presents a review of recent experimental evidence and simulation results enumerating the development of the hydrogen-enhanced localized plasticity (HELP) mechanism as a viable hydrogen embrittlement mechanism for structural materials. A wide range of structural materials, including ferritic, martensitic, and austenitic steels, iron, and nickel, are covered by the studies reviewed here, as are a variety of mechanical loading conditions and hydrogen charging conditions, supporting the concept that, despite differences in failure mode, there is a universality to the HELP mechanism.
ACTA Materialia


Hydrogen embrittlement, HELP, Steel, Failure, Continuum and atomistic simulations
Created February 15, 2019, Updated April 10, 2019