Enhancing LAA Co-existence Using MIMO Under Imperfect Sensing

Published: December 13, 2019


Somayeh Mosleh, Yao Ma, Jason B. Coder, Erik Perrins, Lingjia Liu


To meet the ever growing wireless network demands, in terms of subscribers and data throughput, operating long term evolution (LTE) in unlicensed bands, also known as license assisted access (LAA), is introduced as a promising solution. However, the LAA network must co-exist with incumbent IEEE 802.11 systems. In this paper, we introduce MIMO operation to boost the LAA-WiFi coexistence. We take the impact of imperfect sensing into account and analyze the key performance indicators (KPIs), such as throughput, and probabilities of successful transmissions and collisions. Moreover, the optimal LAA contention window size is characterized to maximize the LAA sum rate while assuring Wi-Fi throughput above a predetermined threshold. Numerical results show the efficiency of the introduced algorithm.
Proceedings Title: 2019 IEEE Global Communications Conference Workshop on Advancements in Spectrum Sharing
Conference Dates: December 13, 2019
Conference Location: Waikoloa, HI
Pub Type: Conferences

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Beamforming, Coexistence, Contention window, Imperfect sensing, LTE-LAA, MAC layer, PHY layer, WLAN
Created December 13, 2019, Updated September 24, 2019