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Enhanced magnetization drift velocity and current polarization in (CoFe)_{1-x}Ge_{x} alloys



Meng Zhu, Brian D. Soe, Robert D. McMichael, Matthew Carey, Stefan Maat, Jeffrey R. Childress


A spin wave Doppler technique is used to measure the drift velocity of the magnetization in current-carrying (CoFe)_{1-x}Ge_{x} alloys. For a current density of 10^11 A/m2, we obtain a large enhancement of drift velocity from 3.1+/-0.2 m/s for CoFe to 8.2+/-0.6 m/s for (CoFe)_{0.7}Ge_{0.3}. Interpretation of these values yields current polarization increasing from 0.84+/-0.04 to 0.95+/-0.05 as the Ge doping increases. The spin dependent conductivities indicate a stronger percentage change in minority spin conductivity, which agrees with the prediction of a pseudogap in the minority band for (CoFe)_{0.75}Ge_{0.25}.
Applied Physics Letters


Spin wave Doppler, CoFeGe alloys, current spin polarization


Zhu, M. , Soe, B. , McMichael, R. , Carey, M. , Maat, S. and R., J. (2011), Enhanced magnetization drift velocity and current polarization in (CoFe)_{1-x}Ge_{x} alloys, Applied Physics Letters, [online], (Accessed May 30, 2024)


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Created February 17, 2011, Updated February 19, 2017