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Energy Levels of 4f3 in the Free Nd3+ Ion From Emission Spectra



J-F Wyart, Ali Meftah, Annik Bachelier, Jocelyne Sinzelle, Wan-U Lydia Tchang-Brillet, Norbert Champion, Nissan Spector, J Sugar


The emission spectrum of neodymium produced by vacuum spark sources was observed in the vacuum ultraviolet on two normal-incidence spectrographs. In an initial result, more than 550 lines have been identified as transitions from 85 4f25d levels to 37 levels of the 4f3 ground configuration in the free ion Nd3+. The levels 4f3 4F3/2 and 4I11/2, responsible for the well-known 1064 nm laser line, have respective energies 11698.57 0.1 cm-1 and 1897.07 0.1 cm-1 above the ground level 4I9/2. The newly found levels of 4f3 constitute the first isolated 4fN configuration (N > 2) and therefore enable checks of effective parameters that represent far configuration interaction. Slater parameters Fk(4f,4f) derived from Nd3+:LaCl3 are 3 to 5 percent smaller than in the free ion.
Physical Review Letters


emission spectrum, energy levels, free-ion, neodymium, parametric fits, triply-ionized, wavelengths


Wyart, J. , Meftah, A. , Bachelier, A. , Sinzelle, J. , Tchang-Brillet, W. , Champion, N. , Spector, N. and Sugar, J. (2006), Energy Levels of 4f3 in the Free Nd3+ Ion From Emission Spectra, Physical Review Letters (Accessed May 24, 2024)


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Created January 31, 2006, Updated October 12, 2021