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Energy Absorption by N2O in the 4 to 14 eV Region



R Huebner, Robert Celotta, S Mielczarek, C Kuyatt


Apparent oscillator-strength values for transitions in the 4 to 14 eV region in nitrous oxide have been derived from electron energy-loss measurements. Detailed comparison with photoabsorption measurements in the ultraviolet region indicates a weak transition below the 1Δ} larr}1 Σ+ transition at 6.8 eV not observed optically. This analysis also provides oscillator-strength values in the region between 11.5 and 12.4 eV, where no quantitative photoabsorption data are available.
Journal of Chemical Physics


Huebner, R. , Celotta, R. , Mielczarek, S. and Kuyatt, C. (1975), Energy Absorption by N<sub>2</sub>O in the 4 to 14 eV Region, Journal of Chemical Physics (Accessed May 19, 2024)


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Created November 14, 1975, Updated October 12, 2021