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Einstein-de Haas effect in a NiFe film deposited on a microcantilever



Thomas M. Wallis, John M. Moreland, Pavel Kabos


A new methods is presented for determining the magetomechanical ratio, g', in a thin ferromagnetic film deposited on a microcantilever via measurement of the Einstein-de Haas effect. An alternating magnetic field applied in the plane of the cantilever and perpendicular to its length induces bending oscillations of the cantilever that are measured with a fiber optic interferometer. Measurement of g' provides new, complementary information about the g-factor in ferromagnetic films that is not directly available from other characterization techniques. For a 50 nm Ni80Fe20 film deposited on a silicon nitride cantilever, g' is measured to be 1.89 + 0.20.
Applied Physics Letters


Gyromagnetic effects, magnetic thin films, microcantilevers, magnetization dynamics, permalloy, gyromagnetic ratio, magnetic resonance
Created September 18, 2006, Updated January 27, 2020