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Effect of wire configuration and point defects on the conductance of gold nano-conductors



Shmuel Barzilai, Francesca M. Tavazza, Lyle E. Levine


Gold nanowire (NW) chains are considered a good candidate for nanoelectronics devices because they exhibit remarkable structural and electrical properties. One promising nano-conductor candidate is called “Hexa1”. This NW configuration was found to spontaneously form during simulations of gold NWs elongations. It is stable and a good conductor when adsorbed on a suitable substrate. In this study, we deepened the investigation of such a NW structure, to explore the effect of the NWs length, point defects and NW junctions on its conductance. We found that the conductance is not affected by the NW length, and that conveniently placed points defects can be used to create resistors. We also found that the direction changes needed to make circuits create conductance bottle necks, therefore decreasing the conductance. However, this decrease can be easily overcome by adding few atoms in the NWs joint.
Modeling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering


Conductance, gold nanowire, ab initio calculations


Barzilai, S. , Tavazza, F. and Levine, L. (2014), Effect of wire configuration and point defects on the conductance of gold nano-conductors, Modeling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, [online], (Accessed June 12, 2024)


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Created February 28, 2014, Updated November 10, 2018