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Effect of Conformal Roughness on Ferromagnetic Resonance Linewidth in Thin Permalloy Films



Brian B. Maranville, J Mallett, Thomas P. Moffat, Robert McMichael, Andrew P. Chen, William F. Egelhoff Jr.


The ferromagnetic resonance line width is a result of both intrinsic damping and contributions from inhomogeneities, which in thin films can be dominated by the roughness. Microstructural measurements and magnetization dynamics are reported here for 50 nm films of Permalloy deposited on substrates with controlled roughness. Ferromagnetic resonance measurements reveal a strong line width broadening that peaks when the magnetization is approximately 30 from the in-plane direction. These results are compared with a recently developed two-magnon theory of resonance broadening due to inhomogeneous demagnetizing fields in a rough film.
Journal of Applied Physics
97 No. 10


conformal roughness, ferromagnetic resonance, microstructural measurements, Permalloy films


Maranville, B. , Mallett, J. , Moffat, T. , McMichael, R. , Chen, A. and Egelhoff Jr., W. (2005), Effect of Conformal Roughness on Ferromagnetic Resonance Linewidth in Thin Permalloy Films, Journal of Applied Physics (Accessed July 19, 2024)


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Created April 30, 2005, Updated October 12, 2021