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Dynamic Calibration for Instruments


Robert C. Hagwood


The NIST Pressure Measurements Division provides calibration service for pressure instruments that customers in turn use to calibrate other instruments. Often during their useable lifetime, these instruments are calibrated and recalibrated several times at NIST. Ideally, if an instrument has not degraded too badly, then using the prior data should improve the calibration estimate. A dynamic linear model is used to provide an algorithm for incorporating prior calibration data into the calibration process. Using simulation data and data from the calibration of a pressure transducer it is shown that the prior data does indeed improve recalibration if the instrument's drift is not too large.
J. Amer. Statist. Assoc. Applications and Case Studies


Calibration, Dynamic Linear Model, Pressure Transducer


Hagwood, R. (1970), Dynamic Calibration for Instruments, J. Amer. Statist. Assoc. Applications and Case Studies (Accessed April 15, 2024)
Created August 26, 2016, Updated January 27, 2020