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Dynamic anisotropy of thin Permalloy films measured by use of angle-resolved pulsed inductive microwave magnetometry



Michael L. Schneider, Anthony B. Kos, Thomas J. Silva


In this study, angle-resolved pulsed inductive microwave magnetometry is used to investigate the symmetry of the dynamic anisotropy of thin Permalloy films. We measured the dynamic anisotropy field as a function of angle between the easy axis and the applied bias field. We found that, in addition to the expected uniaxial anisotropy, there is a rotatable component of anisotropy. This component of the anisotropy is present only during the dynamics measurements and is attributed to surface effects in the thin films. However, the native oxide layer is not the cause of the rotatable anisotropy components in these films.
Applied Physics Letters


Anisotropy, magnetodynamics, Permalloy
Created May 11, 2005, Updated January 27, 2020