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Distant Entanglement with Nearest Neighbor Interactions



G K. Brennen


Preparing many body entangled states efficiently using available interactions is a challenging task. One solution may be to couple a system collectively with a probe that leaves residual entanglement in the system. We investigate the entanglement produced between two possibly distant qubits 1 and 2 that interact locally with a third qubit 3 under unitary evolution generated by pairwise Hamiltonians. For the case where the Hamiltonians commute, relevant to certain quantum nondemolition measurements, the entanglement between 1 and 2 is calculated explicitly for several classes of initial states and compared with the case of noncommuting interaction Hamiltonians. This analysis can be helpful to identify physical system interactions preferable for entangled state synthesis.
Physical Review A (Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics)


entanglement, measurement


Brennen, G. (2008), Distant Entanglement with Nearest Neighbor Interactions, Physical Review A (Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics) (Accessed July 24, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008