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Dispersion engineered resonator on-a-chip



Scott A. Diddams, Ki Youl Yang, Xu Yi, Hansuek Lee, Dong Yoon Oh, Kerry J. Vahala, Katja M. Beha, Daniel C. Cole, Pascal P. Del'Haye, Scott B. Papp


Control of dispersion in fiber optical waveguides has long been important in optical fiber communications systems, and more recently for continuum generation through self phase modulation. The wavelength at which the group velocity dispersion crosses zero can be set by varying the core diameter or index step. Moreover, sophisticated methods to manipulate higher-order dispersion, so as to shape and even flatten dispersion over wide bandwidths are possible using multi-core fiber. We have developed an analogous method to manipulate dispersion in optical resonators and demonstrate higher-order, wide-bandwidth dispersion control over an octave of spectrum. The method also enables maintenance of high optical Q factors above 100 million, critical for efficient operation of nonlinear optical oscillators. Dispersion control in high Q systems has taken on greater importance in recent years with increased interest in frequency micro combs.
Nature Photonics


dispersion control, frequency comb, micro-resonator


Diddams, S. , , K. , Yi, X. , Lee, H. , Yoon, D. , Vahala, K. , Beha, K. , Cole, D. , Del'Haye, P. and Papp, S. (2016), Dispersion engineered resonator on-a-chip, Nature Photonics (Accessed February 21, 2024)
Created March 14, 2016, Updated July 3, 2017