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Diaphragmless Single Pulse Shock Tube for High-Temperature Chemical Kinetics Studies



William Sean McGivern, Iftikhar A. Awan, Jeffrey A. Manion


Single pulse shock tubes are effective tools for measuring chemical kinetics at high temperatures, typically (900–1400) K. However, the use of a diaphragm for shock generation leads to significant shock-to- shock inconsistencies in temperature for a constant initial pressure ratio. Diaphragms also require replacement after each shock and demand care in cleaning to ensure that the fragments do not contaminate the apparatus. A piston-driven valve design is presented that leads to a highly reproducible post-reflected shock temperatures (0.41 % at 1147 K and 0.61 % at 967 K) in a single pulse varying from (500–1200) μs in width over the temperature range of interest. Characterization of the valve was accomplished using both shock speed measurements and independent measurements of the pulse temperature using reference thermal decomposition reactions.
Review of Scientific Instruments


shock tube, chemical kinetics


McGivern, W. , Awan, I. and Manion, J. (2019), Diaphragmless Single Pulse Shock Tube for High-Temperature Chemical Kinetics Studies, Review of Scientific Instruments, [online], (Accessed June 12, 2024)


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Created June 3, 2019, Updated August 29, 2023