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Diagnostics of 'Colossal' Magnetoresistance Manganate Films by Raman Spectroscopy



V B. Podobedov, D B. Romero, A Weber, Joseph P. Rice, R Schreekala, M Rajeswari, R Ramesh, T Venkatesan, H D. Drew


Polarized Raman scattering by phonons is used to characterize thin films prepared by laser ablation of a lanthanum manganese oxide target. It was found that in the temperature range from 6 K to 300 K phonon spectra of La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 films exhibit observable differences from those in bulk materials (microcrystalline ceramics and single crystals). A significant difference was found in the spectra of as-grown films compared to those annealed in oxygen at 800 degrees C. The observed Raman peaks and their linewidths exhibit an irregular temperature dependence near Tc. A correlation of Raman data with magnetization of the sample was also found.
Applied Physics Letters
No. 22


LCMO film, phonon, Raman scattering


Podobedov, V. , Romero, D. , Weber, A. , Rice, J. , Schreekala, R. , Rajeswari, M. , Ramesh, R. , Venkatesan, T. and Drew, H. (1998), Diagnostics of 'Colossal' Magnetoresistance Manganate Films by Raman Spectroscopy, Applied Physics Letters (Accessed November 30, 2023)
Created October 31, 1998, Updated October 12, 2021