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Development of Photomask Artifacts and Metrology for the 65 nm Device Generation with Extensibility Beyond



Andras Vladar, Richard M. Silver, James E. Potzick, John S. Villarrubia


The purpose of this project was to explore the currently used mask metrology methods and tools, to further develop mask metrology, and to design, fabricate and measure a new, relevant, 193 nm phase shifting mask metrology mask. These tasks were successfully carried out. A much better understanding of the mask metrology problems and practical solutions are also the result of this effort. The assessment of currently used mask measurement techniques included the results of a survey of mask industry experts and short summaries of optical microscopy methods (including both transmission and reflection methods), high and low vacuum scanning electron microscopy methods, and scanning probe microscopy methods used for mask dimensional metrology. Beyond the description of the microscopes used to obtain the results of this work, the measurement algorithms, models and measurement uncertainties for the various techniques are also discussed in detail. The description and design details of various mask samples, including the NIST SRM 2059, SRM 474 binary masks, and a phase shifting test mask from ISMT and the newly designed and fabricated NISTMAG 193 nm phase shifting mask are also given in the text. This new 193 nm phase shifting photomask was designed with the contributions from ISMT member companies. The mask transmission and reflection optical microscopy, high and low vacuum scanning electron microscopy and scanning probe microscopy measurements and their results on these are supplied as well. At the end of this report an outlook for possible and valuable future work is also given.
ISMT Final Report


metrology, optical metrology, photomask, SEM metrology


Vladar, A. , Silver, R. , Potzick, J. and Villarrubia, J. (2004), Development of Photomask Artifacts and Metrology for the 65 nm Device Generation with Extensibility Beyond, ISMT Final Report (Accessed July 25, 2024)


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Created January 1, 2004, Updated February 19, 2017