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Development and Certification of Green Tea-Containing Standard Reference Materials



Lane C. Sander, Mary Bedner, Michael C. Tims, James H. Yen, David L. Duewer, Barbara J. Porter, Steven J. Christopher, Russell D. Day, Stephen E. Long, John L. Molloy, Karen E. Murphy, Brian E. Lang, Rachel A. Lieberman, Laura J. Wood, M. Payne, M. C. Roman, J. M. Betz, A. NguyenPho, Katherine E. Sharpless, Stephen A. Wise


A suite of three green tea-containing Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) has been issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The materials are characterized for catechins, xanthine alkaloids, theanine, and toxic elements. As many as five methods were used in assigning certified and reference values to the constituents, with measurements carried out at NIST and at collaborating laboratories. The materials are intended for use in the development and validation of new analytical methods, and for use as control materials as a component in the support of claims of measurement traceability.
Analytical Chemistry


tea, catachins, reference materials, Camellia sinensis, caffeine
Created November 30, 2011, Updated January 27, 2020