Developing Models for Type N Coaxial VNA Calibration Kits within the NIST Microwave Uncertainty Framework

Published: May 27, 2016


Jeffrey A. Jargon, Dylan F. Williams, Paul D. Hale


We developed models for Type N coaxial vector network analyzer (VNA) calibration kits within the NIST Microwave Uncertainty Framework. First, we created physical models of commercially- available standards that support multiline thru-reflect-line (TRL) and open-short-load-thru (OSLT) calibrations, and included error mechanisms in each of the standards’ constituent parameters that were utilized in the NIST Microwave Uncertainty Framework to propagate uncertainties. Next, we created a measurement-based model of a commercial electronic calibration unit (ECU) by characterizing the scattering parameters of its internal states with a multiline TRL calibration. Finally, we calibrated a network analyzer using the three calibration methods, and compared measurements and uncertainties made on a number of verification devices. We showed that the three calibrations agreed to within their respective uncertainties.
Proceedings Title: 87th ARFTG
Conference Dates: May 27, 2016
Conference Location: San Francisco, CA
Pub Type: Conferences

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calibration, coaxial, electronic calibration unit, physical models, uncertainty, vector network analyzer, verification
Created May 27, 2016, Updated November 08, 2017