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Developing Atomic-Resolution Measurements Using a Tunable Diode Laser-Based Interferometer



Hui Zhou, Bradley N. Damazo, S Gonda, Richard M. Silver


A new implementation of a Michelson interferometer capable of resolution on the order of 20 pm has been developed.  This new method uses a tunable diode laser as the light source with the diode laser wavelength continuously tuned to fix the number of frinfes in the measured optical path.  The diode laser frequency is measured by beating against a reference laser.  High speed, accurate frewuency measurements of the beat frequency signal enables the diode laser wavelenght to ne measured with nominally 20 pm resolution.  The new interferometer design is light weight and has been mounted directly on a n ultra-hogh vacuum scanning tunneling microscope capable of atomic resolution.  Most current commerical interferometry techniques are limited in resolution or accuracy due to polarization mixing errors, fringe interpolation limitations and errors, and environmental instability making them unsuitable or very difficult to use for the current measurement applications.  In this paper, the new tunable diode laser Michelson interferometer described here addresses this class of measurements and calibrations.
Proceedings Title
Proceedings American Society for Precision Engineering
Conference Dates
October 26-31, 2003
Conference Location
Orlando, FL
Conference Title
American Society for Precision Engineering


Zhou, H. , Damazo, B. , Gonda, S. and Silver, R. (2003), Developing Atomic-Resolution Measurements Using a Tunable Diode Laser-Based Interferometer, Proceedings American Society for Precision Engineering, Orlando, FL (Accessed July 25, 2024)


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Created October 1, 2003, Updated February 19, 2017