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Details of the Sequential Steps in Magnetocaloric Regeneration



F Shir, Lawrence H. Bennett, Edward Della Torre, C Mavriplis, L Yanik, Robert D. Shull


We report on the first demonstration of the four sequential steps in magnetocaloric regeneration of a magnetocaloric material: magnetization, warm blow, demagnetization, and cold blow. The experimental results display temperature divergence due to regeneration. Periodic temperature change of the solid bed is provided by the magnetocaloric effect in a periodic field change between 0 T and 2 T. The four sequential steps of each cycle are discussed. We present a theory of thermal wave propagation during the transient period of the refrigeration process in the regenerative bed combined with the magnetocaloric effect. A model for the temperature profile in an active magnetic refrigeration system is discussed.
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics


active magnetic regeneration theory, magnetic refrigeration, magnetization, magnetocaloric effect, magnetocaloric regeneration


Shir, F. , Bennett, L. , Della Torre, E. , Mavriplis, C. , Yanik, L. and Shull, R. (2005), Details of the Sequential Steps in Magnetocaloric Regeneration, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, [online], (Accessed June 14, 2024)


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Created June 7, 2005, Updated October 12, 2021