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Detailed Derivations of Formulae for Heat Release Rate Calculations Revisited: A Pedagogical and Systematic Approach



Jiann C. Yang


We revisit the derivations of the formulae for heat release rate calculations based on the oxygen consumption principle. We use a systematic, structured, and pedagogical approach to formulate the problem and derive the generalized formulae with fewer assumptions. We treat the operation of oxygen consumption calorimetry as a chemical flow process, formulate the problem in matrix notation and solve the associated material balances using the tie component concept commonly used in chemical engineering practices. The derivation procedure described is intuitive and easy to follow. Inclusion of other chemical species in the measurements and calculations can be easily implemented using the generalized framework we develop.
Journal of Research (NIST JRES) -


Fire measurement, heat release rate, oxygen consumption calorimetry
Created June 24, 2019