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Design Considerations to Improve Charpy Instrumented Strikers



Nicholas A. Vlajic, Akobuije D. Chijioke, Enrico Lucon


Instrumented impact testing allows the applicability of conventional Charpy tests to be extended toward assessing mechanical properties such as dynamic fracture toughness and dynamic tensile properties. In this work, we present design considerations for engineering instrumented strikers for Charpy V-notch impact testing. Specific attention is given to the mechanical and geometric features, as well as the placement of strain gauges and corresponding bridge circuits for instrumentation. These design considerations are intended to make the sensitivity invariant to the location and distribution of impact forces. The concepts presented in this work were applied to an actual instrumented striker, which was then statically calibrated. Data from this calibration indicate that the device has good repeatability, shows a linear response, and is relatively insensitive to impact location.
Journal of Research (NIST JRES) -


Charpy, dynamic force, fracture mechanics, instrumented Charpy testing, instrumented striker
Created March 16, 2020, Updated May 17, 2020