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Degradation of CVD-Grown MoS2 Subjected to DC Electrical Stress



Elisabeth Mansfield, David Goggin, Jason Killgore, Taylor Aubry


Devices containing transition metal dichalcogenides are being investigated for next generation electronics. Understanding material properties under typical use conditions is important for longevity and effectiveness of these devices. In this study, CVD-grown MoS2 crystals with pre-existing defects from the growth process were subjected to DC-voltages of 10 V, 20 V, and 40 V for up to 96 h. The presence of pre-existing defects was found to lead to more extensive material damage that scales with voltage and time. SEM, AFM, Raman and photoluminescence imaging indicate regions of increased defect concentration post-electrical stress.
MRS Communications


2D materials, materials reliability, microelectronics


Mansfield, E. , Goggin, D. , Killgore, J. and Aubry, T. (2022), Degradation of CVD-Grown MoS2 Subjected to DC Electrical Stress, MRS Communications, [online],, (Accessed May 30, 2024)


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Created September 16, 2022, Updated November 29, 2022