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Dark Pulse Formation in a Quantum Dot Laser



Jonathan Zimmerman, Steven T. Cundiff, G von Plessen, J Feldmann, M Arzberger, J Bohm, M C. Amann, G Abstreiter


The laser emission of an InAS/GaAs quantum dot laser after injection of a non-resonant optical pulse is time resolved using femtosecond upconversion. The injected pulse burns a spectral hole into the gain spectrum that leads to an ultrafast redistribution of carriers away from the lasing wavelength, thereby generating a spatial domain of reduced laser intensity. This domain propagates through the laser, is reflected at the facets, and thus repeats periodically in the output of the quantum dot laser, forming a train of dark pulses. As a slower response to the optically induced perturbation, gigahertz-frequency relaxation oscillations are observed.
Applied Physics Letters


laser, quantum dot, semiconductor, ultrafast


Zimmerman, J. , Cundiff, S. , von Plessen, G. , Feldmann, J. , Arzberger, M. , Bohm, J. , Amann, M. and Abstreiter, G. (2001), Dark Pulse Formation in a Quantum Dot Laser, Applied Physics Letters (Accessed February 23, 2024)
Created June 30, 2001, Updated October 12, 2021