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Crystallographic Alignment between C14 and bcc Phases in a Multi-phase Metal Hydride Alloys



Leonid A. Bendersky, Haoting Shen, Kwo-hsiung Young


The microstructures of three Laves phase-related body-center-cubic (bcc) solid solution metal hydride alloys with different phase abundances were closely examined by scanning electron microcopy, transmission electron microscope, and more importantly electron beam back-scattering diffraction (EBSD) technique. By using EBSD, we were able to identify the alignment of the crystallographic orientations of the three major phases in the alloys with C14, bcc, and B2 structures. This finding confirms crystallographically sharp clean interfaces between neighboring phases, which facilitates the hydrogen diffusion in the alloy bulk but scarifies the electrochemical activation.


Nickel metal hydride battery, Electrochemistry, Hydrogen Storage Alloys, Nickel hydroxide, Ionic liquid, Alkaline electrolyte, Cell package
Created February 22, 2016, Updated March 21, 2017