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Coupled Bilayer Photonic Crystal Slab Electro-Optic Spatial Light Modulators



Yichen Shuai, Deyin Zhao, Corey A. Stambaugh, John R. Lawall, Weidong Zhou, Yonghao Liu


We demonstrate here a surface-normal ultracompact Fano resonance electrooptic spatial light modulator employing a stacked photonic crystal membrane capacitor-like structure. Vertically coupled optical resonance near 1.5 μm was observed, and both blue and red spectral shifts were achieved by means of appropriate electrical bias. A 200-MHz modulation bandwidth was obtained on a device with an 80 μm × 80 μm mesa area, while bandwidths in the gigahertz range are expected by shrinking the mesa lateral size down to 20 μm × 20 μm. We fabricated 6 × 6 arrays with different mesa sizes on a silicon-on-insulator platform, illustrating the potential of these devices in vertically integrated photonic technologies and for high-speed spatial light modulations.
IEEE Photonics Journal


Shuai, Y. , Zhao, D. , Stambaugh, C. , Lawall, J. , Zhou, W. and , Y. (2017), Coupled Bilayer Photonic Crystal Slab Electro-Optic Spatial Light Modulators, IEEE Photonics Journal, [online], (Accessed May 22, 2024)


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Created March 1, 2017, Updated November 10, 2018