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On the Cooling of a 360º Video Camera to Observe Fire Dynamics In Situ



Jiann C. Yang


An analysis was performed to provide design guidance on the cooling of an NIST-developed in situ fire visualization device, called Burn Observation Bubble (BOB). The analysis was to address the question of how long the device can be operated in a fire without being damaged by the fire. The analysis included single-pass and recirculating cooling systems. The resulting design equations depend only on the fire scenario, cooling water flow rate, and the volume ratio of the device to recirculating cooling water reservoir. In the limit of infinite recirculating cooling water reservoir, the design equations reduce to those of a single-pass system. Sample calculations were given to illustrate the applicability of the equations.
Technical Note (NIST TN) - 2080
Report Number


Cooling, fire visualization, modelling
Created December 11, 2019