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Classical Spin Liquid or Extended Critical Range in h-YMnO3?



Sofie Janas, Jakob Lass, Ana-Elena Tutueanu, Morten L. Haubro, Christof Niedermayer, Uwe Stuhr, Guangyong Xu, Dharmalingam Prabhakaran, Pascale P. Deen, Sonja Holm-Dahlin, Kim Lefmann


Inelastic neutron experiments on the classical triangular-lattice frustrated antiferromagnet h-YMnO3 reveal diffuse, gapless magnetic excitations present both far below and far above the ordering temperature, TN. The correlation length of the excitations increases as the temperature approaches zero, bearing strong resemblance to critical scattering. We successfully model the scattering as critical spin-spin correlations in a two-dimensional magnetic ground state, and we speculate that this may provide a general framework to understand features typically attributed to classical spin liquids.
Physical Review Letters


spin liquid, neutron scattering, triangular lattice, frustration


Janas, S. , Lass, J. , Tutueanu, A. , Haubro, M. , Niedermayer, C. , Stuhr, U. , Xu, G. , Prabhakaran, D. , Deen, P. , Holm-Dahlin, S. and Lefmann, K. (2021), Classical Spin Liquid or Extended Critical Range in h-YMnO<sub>3</sub>?, Physical Review Letters (Accessed April 22, 2024)
Created March 10, 2021, Updated August 31, 2021