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Circuit Simulation Model for a 100 A, 10 kV Half-bridge SiC MOSFET/JBS Power Module



Tam H. Duong, Angel Rivera-Lopez, Allen R. Hefner Jr., Jose M. Ortiz


This paper presents the simulation of a 100 A, 10 kV Silicon Carbide (SiC) half-bridge power module operating at 20 kHz in a behavioral boost converter circuit. In the half-bridge module, 10 kV SiC power MOSFETs are used as the upper and lower switches, where 10 kV SiC Junction Barrier Schottky (JBS) anti-parallel diodes along with 100 V Silicon JBS series reverse-blocking diodes are used to protect the SiC MOSFETs from reverse conduction. The behavioral boost converter is designed to operate a single power switch and a single power diode for continuous 20 kHz hard switching conditions at 5 kV and 100 A. The test circuit contains the model for the 100A, 10 kV SiC half-bridge power module with the upper MOSFET gate turned off. The simulated waveforms demonstrate fast switch performance (
Proceedings Title
Proc., Power Electronics Specialist Conference
Conference Dates
February 24-28, 2008
Conference Location
Austin, TX


anti- parallel diode, behavioural boost converter, fast switch performance, Half-bridge power module, High-Voltage High-Frequency (HV-HF), reverse blocking series diode
Created February 24, 2008, Updated January 27, 2020