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Chip Scale Atomic Devices



John E. Kitching


Chip-scale atomic devices combine elements of precision atomic spectroscopy, silicon micromachining and advanced diode laser technology to create compact, low-power and manufacturable instruments with high precision and stability. We review the design, fabrication and performance of chip-scale atomic clocks, magnetometers and other instruments and discuss the many applications in which these novel instruments are being used. Finally, we discuss prospects for future generations of miniaturized instruments such as chip-scale optical clocks, photonically integrated systems and manufacturable devices which may enable embedded absolute measurement of a broad range of physical quantities. Key words: atomic clock, microelectromechanical system, coherent population trapping, micromachining, chip-scale, microfabricated, magnetometer, optically pumped magnetometer, atomic magnetometer
Applied Physics Reviews


atomic clock, atomic magnetometer, chip-scale, coherent population trapping, magnetometer, microelectromechanical system, microfabricated, micromachining, optically pumped magnetometer
Created August 14, 2018, Updated February 1, 2019