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Characterization of triacontyl (C-30) liquid chromatographic columns



Lane C. Sander, Catherine A. Rimmer, Walter B. Wilson


Differences in the performance characteristics of seventeen commercial C30 liquid chromatographic columns were studied for the separation of carotenoid isomers. A mixture consisting of nine xanthophyll and hydrocarbon carotenoids were separated under conditions carefully chosen to reveal changes in selectivity. The influence of the mobile phase modifier, column temperature, and mobile phase flow rate were evaluated. Shape recognition was characterized with Standard Reference Material (SRM) 869b Column Selectivity Test Mixture, for correlation with carotenoid retention behavior. Regular changes were observed across a broad spectrum of shape selectivity characteristics as indicated by SRM 869b. Better separations of carotenoid isomers were achieved with C30 columns than were possible with C18 columns, even after optimization of separation conditions.
Journal of Chromatography A


C30 column, shape selectivity, triacontyl column, carotenoids, SRM 869b, column characterization
Created March 15, 2020, Updated April 27, 2020