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The Canonical Robot Command Language (CRCL)



Frederick M. Proctor, Stephen B. Balakirsky, Zeid Kootbally, Thomas R. Kramer, Craig I. Schlenoff, William P. Shackleford


Industrial robots can perform motion with sub-millimeter repeatability when programmed using the teach-and-playback method. While effective, this method requires significant up-front time, tying up the robot and a person during the teaching phase. Off-line programming can be used to generate robot programs, but the accuracy of this method is poor unless supplemented with good calibration to remove systematic errors, feed-forward models to anticipate robot response to loads, and sensing to compensate for unmodeled errors. These increase the complexity and up-front cost of the system, but the payback in the reduction of recurring teach programming time can be worth the effort. This payback especially benefits small-batch, short-turnaround applications typical of small-to-medium enterprises, who need the agility afforded by offline application development to be competitive against low-cost manual labor. To fully benefit from this agile application tasking model, a common representation of tasks should be used that is understood by all of the resources required for the job: robots, tooling, sensors, and people. This paper describes an information model, the Canonical Robot Command Language (CRCL), which provides a high-level description of robot tasks and associated control and status information. Using CRCL, a manufacturer can quickly develop robotic applications that meet customer demands for short turnaround, enable portability across a range of vendor equipment, and maintain investments in application development through reuse.
Industrial Robot-An International Journal


Proctor, F. , Balakirsky, S. , Kootbally, Z. , Kramer, T. , Schlenoff, C. and Shackleford, W. (2016), The Canonical Robot Command Language (CRCL), Industrial Robot-An International Journal, [online], (Accessed June 22, 2024)


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Created August 1, 2016, Updated December 3, 2018