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Calibration of Ray-Tracing with Diffuse Scattering against 28-GHz Directional Urban Channel Measurements



Camillo Gentile, Jelena Senic, Chiehping Lai, Derek Caudill, Jack Chuang, Nada Golmie


This paper describes the calibration of the Volcano ray-tracing engine against channel measurements collected in an urban environment with a 28 GHz directional channel sounder. Channel multi-path components were extracted from the measurements in the delay and 3D angle- of-arrival domains through super-resolution techniques, with average errors of 0.55 ns and 2.05° respectively. The extracted components were then tracked over space as the receiver - mounted a mobile robot equipped with military-grade GPS for precision localization - traversed a total distance of 66 m while amassing a total of 488 measurements. Given the GIS database of the environment, the tracked components were then mapped to the ambient objects - objects that generated the components through specular reflection or diffuse scattering. The mapping permitted object-specific calibration, namely distinct diffuse-scattering models for buildings, vehicles, and foliage. To our knowledge, this is the first effort to calibrate ray-tracing with object-specific diffuse scattering models against individual multi-path components mapped in the delay, angle, and space domains. Results, in terms of calibrated ray-tracing parameters, fit-error statistics, and observations along the way, are included.
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology


Millimeter-wave, mmWave, tuning, channel sounder, channel models


Gentile, C. , Senic, J. , Lai, C. , Caudill, D. , Chuang, J. and Golmie, N. (2020), Calibration of Ray-Tracing with Diffuse Scattering against 28-GHz Directional Urban Channel Measurements, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, [online], (Accessed July 21, 2024)


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Created November 17, 2020, Updated January 8, 2021