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Building Information Exchange for Fire Responders Workshop: Proceedings



Jason D. Averill, David G. Holmberg, Alan B. Vinh, William D. Davis


Presently, there is no integrated solution for delivering building data into the hands of emergency responders. Technically, there are many challenges to collect, format, process, integrate and transport building data out of the building. Beyond this, the system for making building data available must mesh with public safety networks and dispatch and emergency responder interface requirements, securely and reliably. While many stakeholder industries are working on individual technical issues, this workshop will help to ensure that the entire process has an efficient and reliable flow. The workshop on Building Information Exchange for First Responders on October 15-16, 2008 brought together key stakeholders in a dialogue on the delivery of building information to the first responder communities in order to identify opportunities for collaboration and standardization. Primary topics include the PSAP network interface, communication protocols, data encapsulation standards, and security (including user and machine authentication and verification).
Technical Note (NIST TN) - 1643
Report Number


fire service, fire alarms, situation awareness, building sensors
Created March 26, 2010, Updated February 19, 2017