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Bridging communities in the field of nanomedicine



Blanka Halamoda-Kenzaoui, Simon Baconnier, Thierry Bastogne, Didier Bazile, Patrick Boisseau, Gerrit Borchard, Sven E. Borgos, Luigi Calzolai, Karin Cederbrant, Gabriella di Felice, Tiziana Di Francesco, Marina Dobrovolskaia, Rog?rio Gaspar, Bel?n Gracia, Vincent A. Hackley, Lada Leyens, Neill Liptrott, Margriet Park, Anil Patri, Gert Roebben, Matthias Roesslein, Ren? Th?rmer, Patricia Urb?n L?pez, Val?rie Zuang, Susanne Bremer-Hoffmann


The workshop "Bridging communities in the field of nanomedicine" was hosted by the European Commission Joint Research Centre on 27-28 September 2017. It gathered experts from regulatory bodies, research institutions and industry to discuss the main challenges related to the emerging field of nanomedicine. Regulatory aspects and standardisation needs were discussed. The major criteria and gaps in existing methodologies for the regulatory application were identified. The workshop discussions, documented in this manuscript, helped to formulate critical recommendations for the development of the most needed methods and standards to be addressed e.g. in ongoing Horizon 2020 projects. In addition, individual opinions of experts relevant to progress of the regulatory science in the field of nanomedicine were summarized in the format of a survey.
Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology


nanomedicine, nanotechnology, metrology, standards, reference materials, regulatory science, critical quality attributes


Halamoda-Kenzaoui, B. , Baconnier, S. , Bastogne, T. , Bazile, D. , Boisseau, P. , Borchard, G. , Borgos, S. , Calzolai, L. , Cederbrant, K. , di Felice, G. , Di Francesco, T. , Dobrovolskaia, M. , Gaspar, R. , Gracia, B. , Hackley, V. , Leyens, L. , Liptrott, N. , Park, M. , Patri, A. , Roebben, G. , Roesslein, M. , Th?rmer, R. , Urb?n L?pez, P. , Zuang, V. and Bremer-Hoffmann, S. (2019), Bridging communities in the field of nanomedicine, Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, [online],, (Accessed May 29, 2024)


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Created April 29, 2019, Updated October 12, 2021