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Bottom-Up Copper Filling of Large Scale Through Silicon Vias for MEMS Technology



Daniel Josell, Thomas P. Moffat, L A. Menk, E Baca, M Blain, A Smith, Jason Dominguez, J McClain, P D. Yeh, A E. Hollowell


An electrodeposition process for void-free bottom-up filling of sub-millimeter scale through silicon vias (TSVs) with Cu is detailed. The 600 m deep and nominally 125 m diameter metallized vias were filled with Cu in less than 7 hours under potentiostatic control. The electrolyte is comprised of 1.25 mol/L CuSO4 – 0.25 mol/L CH3SO3H with polyether and halide additions that selectively suppress metal deposition on the free surface and side walls. A brief qualitative discussion of the procedures used to identify and optimize the bottom-up void-free feature filling is presented.
Journal of the Electrochemical Society


superfill, copper, interconnect, TSV, through silicon via


Josell, D. , Moffat, T. , Menk, L. , Baca, E. , Blain, M. , Smith, A. , Dominguez, J. , McClain, J. , Yeh, P. and Hollowell, A. (2018), Bottom-Up Copper Filling of Large Scale Through Silicon Vias for MEMS Technology, Journal of the Electrochemical Society (Accessed April 18, 2024)
Created November 2, 2018, Updated February 26, 2020