Behavior of  MAG Standard Problem No. 2 in the Small Particle Limit

Published: May 01, 2000


Michael J. Donahue, Donald G. Porter, Robert D. McMichael, J Eicke


For a uniformly magnetized rectangular particle with dimensions in the ratio 5 : 1 : 0.1, the coercive and switching fields in the (1,1,1) direction are determined to be Hc / Ms = 0.057069478 and Hs / Ms = 0.057142805.  Previous micromagnetic computations of coercive and switching fields that did not approach these values for small particles are analyzed.  It is shown that the disagreement was primarily due to a disparity in the method of calculating demagnetization energy.  Corrected simulations are shown to agree with analytically determined values.
Citation: Journal of Applied Physics
Volume: 87
Issue:  No. 9
Pub Type: Journals

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micromagnetic modeling, small particle limit, standard problems
Created May 01, 2000, Updated February 17, 2017