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Band Offsets of Al2O3 / In1-xGaxAs (x = 0.53 and 0.75) and the Effects of Post-Deposition Annealing



Nhan V. Nguyen, Min Xu, Oleg A. Kirillov, Pei D. Ye, C Wang, Kin P. Cheung, John S. Suehle


Band offsets at the interfaces of InxGa1-xAs / Al2O3 / Al where x = 0.53 and x = 0.75 were determined by internal photoemission and spectroscopic ellipsometry. The photoemission energy threshold at the InxGa1-xAs / Al2O3 interface was found to be insensitive to the Indium composition, but shifted to a lower energy after a post-deposition annealed at high temperatures. Sub-threshold electron photoemission was also observed for the annealed sample attributing to interfacial layer formation during the annealing process.
Applied Physics Letters


Al2O3, InGaAs, ALD, internal photoemission, ellipsometry, MOS, band offset, band alignment
Created February 2, 2010, Updated February 19, 2017