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Attacking Paper-Based E2E Voting Systems



John M. Kelsey, Andrew R. Regenscheid, Tal Moran, David Chaum


In this paper, we develop methods for constructing vote-buying/coercion attacks on end-to-end voting systems, and describe vote-buying/coercion attacks on three end-to-end voting systems: Punchscan, Pret-a-Voter, and Threeballot. We also demonstrate a different attack on Punchscan, which could permit corrupt election officials to change votes without detection in some cases. Additionally, we consider some generic attacks on end-to-end voting systems.
Towards Trustworthy Elections: New Directions in Electronic Voting
Publisher Info
Springer-Verlag, Berlin,


voting, end-to-end voting schemes, cryptographic voting schemes, coercion attacks


Kelsey, J. , Regenscheid, A. , Moran, T. and Chaum, D. (2010), Attacking Paper-Based E2E Voting Systems, Towards Trustworthy Elections: New Directions in Electronic Voting, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, , [online], (Accessed July 23, 2024)


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Created February 1, 2010, Updated November 10, 2018