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ASTM Workshop on Standards & Measurements for Tissue Engineering Scaffolds



Carl G. Simon Jr., John Test, Michael Yaszemski, Reto Luginbuehl, Anthony Ratcliffe, Paul Tomlins


A “Workshop on Standards & Measurements for Tissue Engineering Scaffolds” was held on May 21, 2013 and was sponsored by the American Society of Testing and Materials International (ASTM International) in Indianapolis, IN. The purpose of the workshop was to identify the highest priority items for future standards work for scaffolds for tissue engineered medical products (TEMPs). There were 18 speakers and 78 attendees who met for a day of talks and discussions to assess current documentary standards for scaffolds and what standards should be developed on the future. A key finding was that the ASTM TEMPs subcommittees (F04.41-46) have many active “guide” documents for educational and advisory purposes, but that very few standard “test methods” or “practices” have been adopted. Overwhelmingly, the most clearly identified need was standards for measuring scaffold structure. Next was standards for biological characterization, including in vitro testing, animal models and cell-material interactions. Third was standards for assessing scaffold mechanical properties. A number of additional needs were also identified including standards for assessing scaffold degradation, clinical outcomes with scaffolds, effects of sterilization on scaffolds, scaffold composition, drug release from scaffolds and reporting research results. Discussions also highlighted needs for scaffold reference materials, to promote the use of standards and to assess the use and impact of standards in the TEMPs community. Now that many scaffold standards needs have been identified, the real challenge of writing those standards is ready to begin and is already underway!


scaffold, tissue engineering, reference material, standards, regenerative medicine, metrology


Simon, C. , , J. , Yaszemski, M. , Luginbuehl, R. , Ratcliffe, A. and Tomlins, P. (2016), ASTM Workshop on Standards & Measurements for Tissue Engineering Scaffolds, Biomaterials (Accessed June 23, 2024)


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Created January 1, 2016, Updated February 19, 2017