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Applying Microfluidic Technology to High Throughput and Combinatorial Polymer Library Synthesis



Tao Wu, Zuzanna T. Cygan, Chang Xu, Kathryn L. Beers


Advanced polymeric materials in applications as diverse as tissue engineering, electronics and personal care products require superior control of a wide range of properties. From molecular properties such as molar mass and chain composition, to the properties of complex mixtures, high throughput and combinatorial techniques are providing researchers access to enormous libraries en route to both improved fundamental understanding of structure-property relationships and better products. The appeal of microreactor technology to this scientific community is three-fold: further reduction of scale in expensive specialty applications; faster, less expensive process integration in laboratory-scale investigations of complex, multi-step manufacturing protocols; and potential discovery of new or improved products from the unique microreaction environment.
Proceedings Title
Extended Abstract
Conference Dates
February 2-3, 2005
Conference Location
Awaji, JA
Conference Title
International Workshop on Micro Chemical Plants


combinatorial methods, controlled radical polymerization, gradient libraries, lab on a chip, microfluidics, microreactors, polymer synthesis


Wu, T. , Cygan, Z. , Xu, C. and Beers, K. (2006), Applying Microfluidic Technology to High Throughput and Combinatorial Polymer Library Synthesis, Extended Abstract, Awaji, JA, [online], (Accessed April 24, 2024)
Created July 12, 2006, Updated February 17, 2017