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Application of Digital Image Correlation to Structures in Fire



Christopher M. Smith, Matthew Hoehler


The behavior of engineering structures in fire is commonly studied through large-scale experiments. However, temperature-varying material properties, spatially-varying thermal loading and complicated structure geometries result in these structures deforming in complex and often unpredictable ways. This makes it difficult to fully characterize the response of the structure with traditional (point) sensors [1]. Full-field, noncontact measurement techniques such as Digital Image Correlation (DIC) are potentially ideal for such experiments; however, the presence of light emitted by the flames, thermal radiation from the heated structure, and convective thermal gradients in the air make this a challenging application for DIC.
Proceedings Title
Society of Experimental Mechanics Annual Meeting
Conference Dates
June 4-7, 2018
Conference Location
Greenville, SC, US


digital image correlation, DIC, fire, narrow-spectrum illumination, blue light


Smith, C. and Hoehler, M. (2018), Application of Digital Image Correlation to Structures in Fire, Society of Experimental Mechanics Annual Meeting, Greenville, SC, US, [online], (Accessed July 15, 2024)


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Created June 3, 2018, Updated October 12, 2021