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Anomalous Transitions in Two-Level Systems Driven by the AC Stark Effect



W L. Meerts, I Ozier, Jon T. Hougen


An unusual type of non-resonant absorption signal produced by the ac Stark effect has been observed in a two-level avoided-crossing system. The theory for these anomalous transitions has been developed. The non-resonant signals have been shown to be caused by the perturbation by the oscillating field of the dephasing of the two-level system at the avoided-crossing. A series of measurements of these anomalous transitions has been carried out using the avoided-crossing molecular-beam electric-resonance technique. In addition, different types of resonant multiphoton transitions have been investigated. Results are reported for the AE-barrier anticrossing with J = 1 in CH3SiH3. The experimental findings are in good agreement with the theory developed.
Canadian Journal of Physics
No. 2-3


ac stark effect, avoided crossings, molecular beam electric resonance, multiphoton absorption, non-resonant absorption


Meerts, W. , Ozier, I. and Hougen, J. (2001), Anomalous Transitions in Two-Level Systems Driven by the AC Stark Effect, Canadian Journal of Physics (Accessed June 23, 2024)


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Created September 30, 2001, Updated October 12, 2021