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Analysis of the Boundary Conditions of the Spline Filter



D Ott, Hao H. Zhang, Daniel B. Ott, Xuezeng Zhao, Jun-Feng Song


The spline filter is a standard linear profile filter recommended by ISO/TS 16610-22 (2006). The primary advantage of the spline filter is that no end-effects occur as a result of the filter. The ISO standard also provides the tension parameter β=0.62524 to make the transmission characteristics of the spline filter approximately equal to the Gaussian filter. However, when the tension parameter β is not equal to zero, end-effects will be introduced. To resolve this problem, we analyze 14 different combinations of boundary conditions of the spline filter, and propose a set of new boundary conditions in this paper. The new boundary conditions can provide satisfactory end portions of the output form without end-effects for the spline filter when β=0.62524.
Measurement Science and Technology


Spline filter, End-effect, Boundary condition, Filtration, Surface metrology


Ott, D. , Zhang, H. , Ott, D. , Zhao, X. and Song, J. (2015), Analysis of the Boundary Conditions of the Spline Filter, Measurement Science and Technology (Accessed April 16, 2024)
Created July 20, 2015, Updated February 19, 2017