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Advances in Robot Technology Supporting Low-Volume/High-Mix Small Part Assembly Operations



Joseph Falco, Karl Van Wyk, Kenneth Kimble


Recent advancements in robotic arms and end-effectors have the potential to accelerate the use of robotics for assembly. The force sensing and compliance capabilities used in collaborative robots to prevent injuries and enable them to work safely alongside human workers in manufacturing environments lend themselves to robotic assembly tasks. Additionally, robotic hands are emerging as a next generation end-effector technology with advanced force control and manipulation capabilities. These robotic components as well as improved calibration methods, artificial intelligence techniques, simplified programming inter- faces, and ease of reconfiguration are all contributing to new ways of tackling the small parts assembly field especially for low-volume, high-mix manufacturing operations. This chapter presents recent advancements in robotic assembly towards reducing integration complexity, increasing production rates, and improving the process quality of automated assembly operations.
Recent Advances in Industrial Robotics
Publisher Info
World Scientific Publishing Company (WSPC), Hackensack, NJ


robot, force, control, compliance, grasping, manipulation, assembly, benchmarks, performance measures, manufacturing


Falco, J. , Van Wyk, K. and Kimble, K. (2022), Advances in Robot Technology Supporting Low-Volume/High-Mix Small Part Assembly Operations, Recent Advances in Industrial Robotics, World Scientific Publishing Company (WSPC), Hackensack, NJ (Accessed May 27, 2024)


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Created January 25, 2022