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Advanced Waveform Synthesis with Pulse-driven Josephson Voltage Standards



Justus A. Brevik, Nathan E. Flowers-Jacobs, Anna E. Fox, Evan B. Golden, Paul D. Dresselhaus, Samuel P. Benz


We describe the implementation of new commercial pulse-bias electronics that have enabled an improvement in the generation of quantum-accurate waveforms both with and without low-frequency compensation biases. We have used these electronics to apply a multilevel pulse bias to the Josephson arbitrary waveform synthesizer and have generated, for the first time, a quantum-accurate bipolar sinusoidal waveform without the use of a low-frequency compensation bias current. This uncompensated 1 kHz waveform was synthesized with an rms amplitude of 325 mV andmaintained its quantum accuracy over a 1.5mAoperating current range. The same technique and equipment was also used to synthesize a quantum-accurate 1 MHz sinusoid with a 1.2 mA operating margin. In addition, we have synthesized a compensated 1 kHz sinusoid with an rms amplitude of 1 V and a 2.7 mA operating margin.
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity


Digital-analog conversion, Josephson arrays, quantization, signal synthesis, standards, superconducting device measurements, superconducting integrated circuits, voltage measurement


Brevik, J. , Flowers-Jacobs, N. , Fox, A. , Golden, E. , Dresselhaus, P. and Benz, S. (2017), Advanced Waveform Synthesis with Pulse-driven Josephson Voltage Standards, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, [online], (Accessed April 19, 2024)
Created February 21, 2017, Updated November 10, 2018