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Advanced Temperature-Control Chamber for Resistance Standards



Shamith U. Payagala, Alireza R. Panna, Albert F. Rigosi, Dean G. Jarrett


Calibration services for resistance metrology have continued to advance their capabilities and establish new and improved methods for maintaining standard resistors. Despite the high quality of these methods, there still exist inherent limitations to the number of simultaneous, measurable resistors and the temperature stability of their air environment. In that context, we report progress on the design, development, and initial testing of a precise temperature-control chamber for standard resistors that can provide a constant-temperature environment with a stability of ± 6 m°C. Achieving this stability involved customizing the chamber design based on air-flow simulations. Moreover, microprocessor programming allowed the air flow to be optimized within an unsealed chamber configuration to reduce chamber temperature recovery times. Further tests were conducted to improve the stability of the control system and the efficiency of the chamber.
Journal of Research (NIST JRES) -


air-flow simulations, measurement, standard resistor, temperature-control chamber.
Created April 10, 2020, Updated June 10, 2020