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Adhesion and Mechanics of Complex Polymer Interfaces



Christopher M. Stafford, Jun Y. Chung, Heqing Huang, Adam J. Nolte, Peter M. Johnson, Edwin P. Chan


The structure and properties of polymer interfaces play an integral role in numerous technological applications, particularly in the areas of coatings and adhesives. These interfacial interactions are dependent on a host of factors, including interfacial energy, roughness, surface chemistry, mechanical properties, and the presence or absence of defects. The goal of this project is to provide a broader fundamental understanding of the effects of interfacial chemistry, topography, and mechanical properties on interactions of soft materials at and near hard surfaces. In particular, we are investigating interfacial structure and properties in soft, deformable materials as well as particle-laden networks and coatings. In order to meet this interdisciplinary challenge, we are developing measurement platforms that test the structure and properties of polymeric material interfaces and films. To complement these measurement techniques, we are designing a number of combinatorial libraries that express key factors that govern interfacial properties, including surface chemistry, thickness, and composition. These libraries provide a foundation for systematically investigating the effect of these parameters on interface performance.
Proceedings Title
American Chemical Society Division of Polymer Chemistry|238th | |ACS
Conference Dates
August 16-20, 2009
Conference Location
Washington, DC, DC


adhesion, patterns, coatings, surface chemistry


Stafford, C. , Chung, J. , Huang, H. , Nolte, A. , Johnson, P. and Chan, E. (2009), Adhesion and Mechanics of Complex Polymer Interfaces, American Chemical Society Division of Polymer Chemistry|238th | |ACS, Washington, DC, DC, [online], (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created August 16, 2009, Updated February 19, 2017