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Actuation of higher harmonics in large arrays of micromechanical cantilevers for expanded resonant peak separation



Nir Dick, Scott Grutzik, Christopher B. Wallin, Bojan R. Ilic, Slava Krylov, Alan Zehnder


A large array of elastically coupled micro cantilevers of variable length is studied experimentally and numerically. Full-scale finite element modal analysis is implemented to determine the spectral behavior of the array and to extract a global coupling matrix. A compact reduced order model is used for numerical investigation of the array's dynamic response. Our model results show that at a given excitation frequency within a propagation band, only a finite number of beams respond. Spectral characteristics of individual cantilevers, inertially excited by an external piezoelectric actuator, were measured in vacuum using laser interferometry. The theoretical and experimental results collectively show that the resonant peaks corresponding to individual beams are clearly separated when operating in vacuum at the 3rd harmonic. Distinct resonant peak separation, coupled with the spatially-confined modal response, make higher harmonic operation of tailored, variable-length cantilever arrays well suited for a variety of resonant based sensing applications.

Journal of Vibration and Acoustics-Transactions of the ASME


MEMS, NEMS, micromechanical arrays
Created April 26, 2018, Updated April 1, 2020