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2018 MediFor Challenge



Jonathan G. Fiscus, Haiying Guan, Andrew P. Delgado, Timothée N. Kheyrkhah, Yooyoung Lee, Daniel F. Zhou, Amy N. Yates


Media forensics is the science and practice of determining the authenticity and establishing the integrity of audio and visual media. DARPA’s Media Forensics (MediFor) program brings together world-class researchers to develop technologies for the automated assessment of the integrity of an image or video and integrating these in an end-to-end media forensics platform. NIST serves as the evaluators for the MediFor program. NIST defines the tasks to be evaluated, collaborates with the data collection team to develop data collection requirements, generates the evaluation and development test sets as well as evaluation metrics, builds scoring software, and compiles the final evaluation report. The document is an overview of NIST 2018 MediFor evaluation. NIST will continue to drive the research and development in this domain by continuous annual challenge evaluations.


Media Forensic, Image Manipulation Detection, Video Manipulation Detection, Media Forensic Challenge (MFC), MFC18 Evaluation
Created July 23, 2019